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production process
North American Eagle Construction handles both design bid build and design/build projects.

Bidding Process
In typical construction, there are two types of projects: design bid build, or D/B/B, and design/build.

The D/B/B process follows a structure of three phases:
1) Design
2) Bid
3) Build

In the D/B/B structure, an architect or designer designs a property for a client. Once the design is completed, North American Eagle Construction places a proposal to complete the actual building.

The proposal, also known as a tender, is essentially a written offer to complete the stated work for a specified amount of time and money. The proposal includes a bill of quantities, which is a list of the materials and work that will be required, in the contractor’s opinion, to complete the project. The proposal also includes a bill of approximate costs and a statement of work.

The proposal or tender provides significant details about the project and is used to create a solid approximation of the cost and timeframe necessary for the project.

Once the proposal is accepted, construction lead by North American Eagle Construction begins.

Design / Build
In typical construction, there are two types of projects: design bid build, or D/B/B, and design/build.

In the design/build structure, both the design and construction services are lead by one individual. Therefore, if a property owner does not already have an architect to work with, North American Eagle Construction becomes the lead contact for the entire project. An architect is brought in the same way an electrician or engineer would be brought in, as a subcontractor.

The design/build process allows for North American Eagle Construction to work with the architect from the very beginning, integrating the expertise of both the designer and North American Eagle Construction.

Quality Control
North American Eagle Construction has an unrelenting dedication to professionalism, safety, and quality of work in every single project completed. It is the goal of North American Eagle Construction to ensure that every project is completed properly the first time. It is further of utmost importance that no one is harmed in the process of construction or afterwards.

A lack of quality control on a construction project leads to failures in the building and added time and costs. A lack of attention to health and safety concerns during and after the construction process leads to injuries or worse. North American Eagle Construction finds none of these options to be acceptable, and therefore a keen attention to quality control is observed throughout the entire building process.

Quality control in the pre-production phase entails a thorough review of contract documents and coordination of all necessary submittals, such as permits and certifications. Proper equipment and training are present before the start of any project.

During the construction phase, all contracts, contract requirements, and project specifications are reviewed with each member of the construction team. Solid standards of work are established among all parties and further training is provided if necessary. Routine inspections occur throughout the process so as to ensure that the established quality of work is being upheld.

The project is completed with a thorough inspection of the work. If anything is sub-standard for any reason, it is corrected before completion of the project. North American Eagle Construction wants every job completed to match or exceed the client’s expectations.
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